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Mesocricetus auratus 'Teddy Bear / Syrian' Hamster

Mesocricetus auratus 'Teddy Bear / Syrian' Hamster

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  • 5mm Hard Laminated Moisture Proof Plastic
  • 3"x6" for vertebrates and 2.5"x6" for inverts
  • Next day processing and USPS First Class Shipping

For mammal enclosure labels, trade show & Expo signage, retail signage, collector cards, educational facilities, wall art, and more.

These cards contain fun facts about the species including location, natural endemic map, breeding information, care info, IUCN status and more.

Standard size measures 3 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Printed on high-quality photo paper and laminated with 5mm hard plastic to protect it from moisture and damage.

Adding pet names, personal photos, store branding, and other customizations is possible but pricing varies. Contact me for a quote.


Teddy Bear' hamsters, also referred to as 'fancy bears,' are a type of long-haired Syrian or Golden hamsters. They're cherished for their active, playful, and gentle demeanor.

Habitat: These hamsters primarily inhabit arable fields with annual crops across the fertile, agricultural, and densely populated Aleppinian plateau in Syria.

Breeding: Syrian hamsters reach breeding maturity at just 4 weeks old. Female Syrians go into heat every 4 days, and their gestation period is remarkably short, approximately 16 days. A litter typically consists of 4-8 pups, though 20 or more isn't uncommon.

Behavior: Syrian hamsters are solitary, nocturnal creatures with an omnivorous diet. They create extensive burrows, some stretching up to nine meters long. Hibernation may occur between November and February. While they have a tendency to nip, they're generally best kept as solitary pets.

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