Customer Gallery

A gallery of images from customers using Exotic Pet Decor labels on their enclosures in zoos, retail stores, education centers, museums, or personal collections. Take inspiration from others to take your enclosures to the next level. If you're a previous customer, please share with me your unique setups and if you're a first time customer, let me see the pictures once you have them installed.

Product spotlight - Frags N Frogs Sign Holder

These sign holders were designed and are sold by Frags N Frogs to work on all types of furniture and racks. They come with all the materials you need to attach it to a metal or wooden fixture and are made to fit Exotic Pet Decor labels. There are two styles. Pine wood or Clear acrylic backs. Visit the website to see more pictures, details or to order.

More Info
  • While most of my customers are hobbyists ranging from owning just a single animal to those with massive collections, there are also several establishments that use my labels as signage. Twin Falls Zoological Center recently opened in Idaho and I was able to provide everything they needed, even for rare types of animals. In fact, as their collection grows, so do the label requests.

  • Rattlesnake Ranch AZ stands as a licensed private rattlesnake zoo nestled in Cave Creek, Arizona. Boasting one of the world's most extensive rattlesnake collections, Cody Will, the proprietor, offers specialized dog training to avoid rattlesnake encounters. He also hosts educational clinics for humans, covering various aspects of venomous herpetoculture, including proper housing, husbandry, and safe handling techniques. Moreover, Cody is an avid supporter of several organizations committed to advocating for the rights of reptile keepers. Cody commissioned me for complete custom signage for his enclosures and I've also donated custom labels to his visitors as a fundraiser at his clinics.

  • Several of my customers utilize my labels as convention and expo signage. Below are some images from Crazy Bugs & Pods featuring various invertebrate and vertebrate signs at an Expo. The feedback from expo participants is consistently positive as they can readily discern the contents of the small containers, regardless of whether they are concealed or not yet fully grown. Additionally, attendees can glean insights into the care required before making a purchase.

  • Avalon Exotics is one of my biggest customers if not the biggest. They've ordered hundreds of labels over the years for just about every type of animal in the pet trade for their retail store. Located in North Tonawanda, NY, check them out if you're ever in the area.

  • Nathan Roper - Isopod Rack

  • My former frogroom Racks

    In my frogroom 1.0, I made wooden racks out of 2x4s and plywood. These sign holders are easy to make.

  • My DIY acrylic sign holders

    Message me for instructions. Made from two thickness of acrylic and bolts from home improvement store.

  • Framed Collection

    Don't have the space to put cards on your enclosures? No problem. Make a framed poster.

  • Collection Acrylic Poster

    Easy poster made from black foam board and a sheet of plexiglass. Cheap and professional-looking.

  • Species Wishlist Poster

  • Mantis Shelves

  • Feeder Bins

  • Custom Enclosures

  • Event selling isopods