Hard-laminated Plastic Cards for Enclosure Labels, Store Signage or Collection Cards

These labels / collector cards feature a sturdy 5mm plastic lamination, providing a slight bendability while maintaining overall rigidity and moisture resistance. While they don't include adhesive, they easily adhere to glass, wood, or metal surfaces using double-sided tape or glue dots. This versatility ensures a secure and durable attachment for your labels, enhancing their usability in various enclosure settings. Vertebrate labels are 3 inches tall by 6 inches wide plus a small laminated edge. Invertebrate labels are 2.5" tall by 6 inches wide.

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    I have over 2,000 labels and that number is growing weekly. You'll never have to worry about expanding your collection and not finding a label. If I don't have something you need, contact me for a new label.

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    Since 2016, I have a perfect 5 star satisfaction rating. Read my reviews on Facebook.

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    The pre-made labels ordered from the site usually ships next day. If you have customizations or labels made from scratch, I usually ship within 2 to 3 days.

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    As an exotic pet breeder myself and a photography lover, I pride myself on providing accurate info with the best photos possible and even multiple options on many. Read more about me.

  • Michelle Walters

    I ordered 50 cards for the museum I work at and they look amazing! I also bought some for my personal animals because they look so great. He worked with me to make sure everything was how I wanted it, including sending different options and making a few cards for animals he didn’t already have. I highly recommend Exoticpetdecor to anyone who wants a great experience and a high quality product.

  • Nick Jones

    I ordered 10 cards for my Tarantulas and they exceeded my expectations! From the time I ordered, the communication was prompt and precise. The cards came within a few days and were perfect. I will be ordering more very soon! Thank you so much!

  • Nathan Roper

    I had my first encounter with Jared at ExoticPetDecor. I picked out 20 cards for my Isopods, millipedes, and even got custom named cards for my Bearded dragons. Everything was finished and looking crisp in the mail within the same week. I can't wait to expand my collection with how well these id cards help organize and showcase my cultures. All cards were carefully contained within laminate without bubbles or imperfections.

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Customer Spotlight - Twin Falls Zoological Center

While most of my customers are hobbyists ranging from owning just a single animal to those with massive collections, there are also several establishments that use my labels as signage. Twin Falls Zoological Center recently opened in Idaho and I was able to provide everything they needed, even for rare types of animals. In fact, as their collection grows, so do the label requests. Check out some of the photos in the Customer Gallery.

Customer Gallery

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