Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cards made of?

These labels / collector cards are commercially printed on high-quality photo paper and feature a sturdy 5mm plastic lamination, providing a slight bendability while maintaining overall rigidity and moisture resistance.

How big are the cards?

The cards are 3" tall and 6" wide (7.6 cm x 15 cm) for vertebrates and 2.5" tall and 6" wide (6.35 cm x 15 cm) for invertebrates and aquatics plus a slight clear edge of the laminated plastic.

How do you ship and when can I expect it?

In most cases, I ship all orders next day if you order from the site without customizations by 4pm ET. For customizations or new labels I need to make from scratch, I usually ship within 2-3 days. I ship everything by USPS first class to keep shipping costs to an absolute minimum and I may separate labels into multiple envelopes to keep costs down. If the quantity of labels is over 30, I will ship USPS priority.

How do I attach the cards?

While they don't include adhesive or sticky backing, they easily adhere to glass, wood, or metal surfaces using double-sided tape or glue dots you can readily purchase almost anywhere. They are also sturdy enough, they can simply slide in between the plastic outer lip of most commercial tanks. Check the customer gallery for other creative ways people have utilized the labels.

Can I add pet names?

I will typically add personalized pet names for an additional fee of $2 ea. Just contact me through email or social media with your specific requests.

Can I customize them with my own photo, template, size, logo, or colors?

For customizations including size changes, your own photos, a unique template design and/or adding a logo to the template, please contact me directly for a price quote and timeline. Shrinking the size slightly is usually the same price as long as the template does not change and it's still readable.

What if I notice a mistake in the facts?

Feel free to reach out to me directly if you spot any errors or if you have differing opinions on certain facts. It's worth noting that I draw from multiple sources of information, and sometimes individual breeders may not see eye to eye on the specifics of ideal conditions. Nevertheless, I welcome any corrections that are substantiated and proven to be accurate.

Do you do different languages?

At this time I only offer the labels in English and most of the facts are in U.S. Imperial units. If you need units to be metric, please contact me for customizations.

Do you offer bulk pricing?

I do offer bulk pricing discounts for quantities over 50 and over 100. Contact me!

More questions or do you need to reach me about customizations?

The quickest way for a conversation is to message me directly through my business pages on Facebook or Instagram. Or, if you prefer, you can send me an email directly to