My background

Exotic Pet Decor is essentially a one-man (with some help from my wife over the past few years) operation. I thought it might be interesting to share my journey of inception and highlight how I stand apart from companies solely driven by profit. My fascination with animal care and study dates back to childhood. While I never resonated much with conventional pets like dogs, cats, or horses, I found solace in local pet stores. Looking back, those stores lacked proper care, information, and support, leaving much to be desired. Information on reptiles, fish, amphibians, birds, etc., was scarce, forcing me to rely on outdated library resources and inevitably make numerous mistakes in caring for my numerous pets.

How it started

Through my youth, I experimented with various animals, from parakeets, rabbits, and turtles to freshwater fish, encountering setbacks and learning experiences along the way. College briefly started with zoology, but I eventually found my true passion in Graphic Design. Along with my passion for animals, I was also an avid artist growing up. A pivotal moment in the next phase of my 'exotic pet hobby' occurred during a trip to Japan, where my brother-in-law's saltwater fish tank captivated me, igniting a new hobby. Despite initial missteps and the absence of online resources, I immersed myself in the saltwater reef hobby for two decades, becoming quite proficient. I even made a DIY moon jellyfish tank which was quite the challenge figuring out how to keep them alive.

From reef tanks to amphibians,

My transition to dart frogs came serendipitously while trading corals with fellow hobbyists. Intrigued, I began with a few vivariums in my work office, gradually expanding until my home workspace transformed into a dedicated 'frog room' housing over 40 vivariums. Embracing vivariums wholeheartedly, I shifted focus, relinquishing my reef tanks and investing in breeding dart frogs, chameleons, geckos, and exploring new species of lizards and tree frogs.

to labels and decor

Utilizing my professional background in graphic design, I ventured into creating tank labels, initially for friends and later for myself, culminating in a collection of over 2,000 labels today. My aim is to provide accurate, comprehensive information, enhancing the hobbyist experience and fostering appreciation for these creatures. I prioritize professionalism, sourcing high-quality photographs legally, and striving for excellence—a far cry from the information void I encountered as a young enthusiast. Today, I take pride in bridging that gap, offering the guidance I once yearned for in my early days of exploration in this exhilarating hobby. One of my joys today is to share this info with youth groups and adults who come to my home to learn about responsible exotic pet care.

  • On top of all this, I'm also working full-time as the Vice President of Marketing for a 3D fabrication company. We specialize in crafting props and displays using foam and various materials. Interestingly, this job has kindled another passion of mine: sculpting and creating physical props. You can see some of my creations, like the Aztec ruins adorning my vivariums in the frog room, as well as a range of mossariums, faux mushrooms, bamboo poles, rocks, and decor that aims to be both visually appealing and functional, with a natural aesthetic. I hope to offer more of these types of products some day.

  • Fake bamboo

    These are faux bamboo poles made for my Giant Day Geckos made from PVC pipe and epoxy. I may offer these for sale in the future.

  • Fake mushrooms

    I've made dozens of faux mushrooms as tank decor. At some point, I'll offer these on my website.

  • Themed enclosures

    I made this Japanese themed vivarium. My dart frogs still readily breed in the lantern. One day, I hope I have more time to these types of projects and offer them for sale.

  • Mini Mossarium

    Here's a mini mossarium I made for my family. Guess the theme?

  • Another Mossarium

    Another mini mossarium based on a Japanese anime. Maybe one day I'll write some tutorials on how to build these.

  • Large Mossarium

    My wife commissioned this large mossarium of ancient temple ruins. This is 100% made of foam except the glass tank and live moss and plants.

  • Carving 2 lb EPS foam using nothing more than basic hand tools

  • I adapted most of the designs from real Aztec ruins. This is the serpent god.

  • Covering the foam in mortar before painting

  • One completed wall

  • Another completed wall. For size reference, the bottom vivs are 24x18x24

  • Still haven't finished two entire walls. One in the front of this picture and an entire wall behind this photo.

Got questions, feedback, need to request a label you don't see, or a custom template?

The quickest way for a conversation is to message me directly through my business pages on Facebook or Instagram. Or, if you prefer, you can send me an email directly to