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Heteronotia binoei 'Bynoe's' Gecko

Heteronotia binoei 'Bynoe's' Gecko

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  • 5mm Hard Laminated Moisture Proof Plastic
  • 3"x6" for vertebrates and 2.5"x6" for inverts
  • Next day processing and USPS First Class Shipping

For reptile terrarium, viviarium, or paludarium enclosure labels, trade show & Expo signage, retail signage, collector cards, educational facilities, wall art, and more.

These cards contain fun facts about the species including location, natural endemic map, breeding information, care info, IUCN status and more.

Standard size measures 3 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Printed on high-quality photo paper and laminated with 5mm hard plastic to protect it from moisture and damage.

Adding pet names, personal photos, store branding, and other customizations is possible but pricing varies. Contact me for a quote.


FUN FACTS: This gecko species is among the select few vertebrates known to reproduce via parthenogenesis. Unlike many other gecko species, it lacks expandable toe pads and instead boasts a body covered with small spine-like ridges running down its back, hence its alternative common name, "prickly gecko".

LOCATION / HABITAT: Endemic to Australia, it notably avoids humid regions in the southeast and southwest.

BREEDING: Eggs are initially soft-shelled upon laying but undergo hardening and brittleness upon exposure to air. Females typically produce only 1-4 clutches annually. Remarkably, females reproduce via parthenogenesis, a form of asexual reproduction where embryo growth and development occur without fertilization by a male.

BEHAVIOR: As a terrestrial species, it seeks shelter under various ground covers. Primarily nocturnal, the Bynoe's gecko emerges from its shelter at night to hunt a variety of invertebrates such as moths and grasshoppers. When actively hunting prey, this species exhibits chirping behavior and excitedly wags its raised tail.

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