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Correlophua ciliatus 'Crested' Gecko

Correlophua ciliatus 'Crested' Gecko

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  • 5mm Hard Laminated Moisture Proof Plastic
  • 3"x6" for vertebrates and 2.5"x6" for inverts
  • Next day processing and USPS First Class Shipping

For reptile terrarium, viviarium, or paludarium enclosure labels, trade show & Expo signage, retail signage, collector cards, educational facilities, wall art, and more.

These cards contain fun facts about the species including location, natural endemic map, breeding information, care info, IUCN status and more.

Standard size measures 3 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Printed on high-quality photo paper and laminated with 5mm hard plastic to protect it from moisture and damage.

Adding pet names, personal photos, store branding, and other customizations is possible but pricing varies. Contact me for a quote.

Correlophua ciliatus 'Crested' Gecko Facts

Common Names:

Correlophus ciliatus, formerly known as Rhacodactylus ciliatus, is commonly referred to by several common names. Some of these include:

  1. Crested gecko
  2. Eyelash gecko
  3. New Caledonian crested gecko

These are the most commonly used names for Correlophus ciliatus in the pet trade and among reptile enthusiasts.

FUN FACTS: Crested geckos lack eyelids. Instead, a transparent scale, known as a spectacle, moistens each eye, while the geckos use their tongues to remove debris. The species name, ciliatus, highlights the crest of skin above the gecko's eyes, resembling eyelashes.

LOCATION / HABITAT: Endemic to Province Sud, New Caledonia, approximately 900 miles east of Australia, crested geckos inhabit coastal forests, closed humid forests, and montane forests. They are crepuscular and arboreal.

BREEDING: In captivity, crested geckos breed readily, with females laying two eggs that hatch 60–150 days after being laid.

BEHAVIOR: Males exhibit territorial behavior and typically do not tolerate the presence of other males. Bold, active, docile, and social, crested geckos are ideal for beginners. They consume fruit and insects.

Frequently Asked Questions

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